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Expansiveness: Changing Perspective

by Erin Cuevas and Jana Masset Collatz

Artist Statement

‘Expansiveness: Changing Perspective’ is a full length dance performance, first performed in August 2018 at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum and then restaged at Frogtown Creative for a “stay at home” live stream version in August 2020. Both performances celebrated national Women’s Equality Day, with the second staging celebrating the event’s centennial anniversary, which was supported by the Culver City Cultural Affairs commission, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and the Culver City Arts Foundation. ‘Expansiveness’ is produced by architecture firm CMLA together with MashUp Contemporary Dance Company, which are both all-female run organizations.

In ‘Expansiveness’, scenography participates in social exchange through both physical activity and digital media, supporting CMLA and MashUp’s larger goal of building community and bringing people together through public art intervention. The performance hinges on a linear array of vertical screen panels which divide the performance venue into two halvesm and then rotate to become porous and eventually bridge the spatial divisions. During this kinetc physical change, the introduction of more immaterial media, including reflections and live feed projections, amplify the reconstruction of the perfomance environment. This evolving scenography results in shifts in perspectives and interactions, as experienced by both audience members and performers. CMLA and MashUp conceptually respond to challenges surrounding political, racial, and gender divisions through this intense spatial performance. Furthermore, the event leverages the combination of physical architecture, digital projection, and social media platforms to produce new social exhanges and experiences of environments that could not exist purely in physcial or digital space alone.

Performance at the A+D Museum, 2018

Livestream Performances, 2020

The Artists

Project Team:

Performed by MashUp Contemporary Dance Company

Live feed projections and overlays by Matt Conway of HomeMakeLabs

Rotating hardware by Fathom and Form

Production Team: Alex Weisfeld, Wahei Lam, Jan Collatz, Myrna Ayoub, Nolan Chung, Phillip Lu, John Farrace, Preston Johnston

Through design at various scales, CMLA aims to produce fluid interaction between humans and their material and immaterial environments. The studio’s work addresses the psychological and behavioral impacts of our media-rich urban cultures, relying on studies within neuroaesthetics and sociology to help identify specific design techniques that can be implemented through architectural practice. CMLA is passionate about interdisciplinary collaboration and the potential for the built environment to improve human well-being with each sensory experience. The name, “Curious Minds Los Angeles,” embodies the studio’s vision to bring the subjects of our curiosities—nature, science, performance art, industrial design, and social media—into design realities that actively engage the mind and emotions.
The studio was founded by architects Erin Cuevas and Jana Masset Collatz, two women with unique backgrounds who quickly found common ground and a strong friendship while studying at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. The young practice is committed to shaping the exciting future of both design pedagogy and practice.

Directed, designed and produced by Erin Cuevas and Jana Masset Collatz (CMLA) together with Sarah Rodenhouse and Victoria Brown (MashUp)

The Category

The ‘On the Screen’ Category was open to any type of digital projections. Submissions ranged from videos, movies, design concepts, campaigns, etc. The concept behind the category came from the museum’s apprection of design in every day life.

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