For On the Floor or Ceiling
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CCC - the column, the caryatid, the chiton.

by G!LL!S

The Concept

The interpretation of the column, the caryatid, and the chiton, CCC, reflects upon contemporary and social conditioning of the ‘body’ in space as an installation for the Unmentionables Symposium. CCC is at the entry of the WUHO gallery demarcating a threshold or vestibule for one’s reflection in the mirrored material of the column, before submitting to the refuge or indulgences of the sympotic event. A person’s image or reflection on the the column posits a contemporary version or filter of a caryatid, the caryatid-selfie.

CCC is released from the confines of a base and capital by representing them as a flattened graphic relief. This references a freedom found in the contemporary collapsed global cultural milieu. As one moves around the mass of the CCC, its staid figure begins to slip up, revealing the lightness in its material, as fluting geometries of the column become drapery folds of a chiton, mass becomes void.

CCC becomes its own performer, becoming a focal point for gathering, speaking, and portraiture. Not being merely a single autonomous architype, as typified by a column or caryatid nor a continuous surface found in the chiton, CCC is a discrete conditional object that ritualizes the interior of the symposium.

Column as Threshold

Mirrored Fluting and Graphic Column Base

Project Specs

Project Date:
April 06, 2019

Project Size:
4’ x 4’ x 9’
4 bolts of material (1200 linear ft.)

Site Conditions:
Store Front Gallery

Unmentionables Symposium Installation

Detail of Chiton Drapery and Fluting

Graphic Relief Column Base

Column Interior - Looking Up

Attendees Gathering for Selfie
Self-reflecting Attendee

The Artists

Matthew Gillis, Principal at G!lL!S, is a designer and educator. He earned his Bachelor of Design in Architecture at University of Florida and a Master of Architecture from UCLA. Prior to forming G!LL!S, Matthew worked in the offices of Coop Himmel(b)lau (Guadalajara) and Griffin Enright Architects (Los Angeles) on multiple award winning design projects and buildings. In addition to leading the design practice, Matthew is committed to research and publication. Matthew has taught at SCI-Arc, OTIS College of Design and most currently an adjunct faculty at Woodbury University School of Architecture. He was a Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design executive board member and editorial contributor. He also maintains a partnership in the commercial architecture firm Grant Gillis.

G!LL!S is a design and research studio with an integrative approach to architecture, art, and landscape. The research focuses on emerging ecologies, technologies, and material systems in contemporary culture. While privileging design processes that produce material affects and dense sensual experiences, the studio is constantly reconsidering and re-conceptualizing built environments. In either speculative or practical projects, G!LL!S seeks innovative and evocative design solutions.
Parsa Rezaee was the project designer on the CCC project while at G!LL!S. She is a recent Master of Architecture graduate from Woodbury University School of Architecture(WSOA). She earned her BS in Biochemisty at UCSD. She currently is a junior designer at Bestor Architecture.

The Category

The ‘On The Floor or Ceiling’ Category was open to any type of work that lives on the floor or ceiling. This ranged from sculptures, furniture, product designs, light fixtures, etc. The concept behind the category came from the range of designers who work from this perspective and scale.

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