The A+D Design Awards came about as a means of providing a platform in excellence across disciplines. The aim of this program is to provide feedback from experts in a vast array of fields and expand the breadth of knowledge that goes into the typical awards. The categories, structure, and jury are all designed to go beyond the normative single discipline award structure, allowing for interdisciplinary growth and support.


The Categories presented in the A+D Museum Design Awards are structured to go beyond the restrictive nature of those dedicated to a specific field. Instead the Design Award Categories place experience, purpose, and intention at the fore.

On the Wall

drawings, paintings, graphics, photography, light fixtures, movies, videos, etc...

On the Floor or Ceiling

sculptures, furniture, product designs, light fixtures, etc...

On the Desk

(architectural) models, prototypes, books, magazines, etc...

On the Body

fashion, product design, wearables, etc...

On the Street

fashion, skateboards, cars, vehicles, transportation, street art, etc...

Bigger than Model, Smaller than a Street

Built architecture, theater/set design, interior design, industrial design, etc...

Bigger than Street, Smaller than a City

Urban design, built architecture, institutional concepts, sensorial projects, etc...

Still on Paper

Conceptual design through all disciplines and not yet built or fabricated. Proto - Ideas.

On the Screen

Videos, movies, design concepts, campaigns, etc...

In School

Designs by students


The A+D Design Awards are now open to submissions. The last day to send all material in will be on November 28 2020 so please plan to make us aware of your submission a minimum of one week prior. 

Submissions are open to all disciplines and levels. There is a submission fee of $80 per project entered except for in the student category. This fee is considered a donation and goes directly to supporting the museum’s mission. For anyone to whom this fee presents to be an obstacle we ask that you contact the A+D Museum at awards@aplusd.org so we can work with you. 

The A+D Design Awards are made possible thanks to the support of our generous sponsors.

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