Honorable Mention
For In School
Presented by KAA Design


by Isabella Piña

A focus on expanding the history that may have gone overlooked for one reason or another.

The point of view of a community in Boyle Heights and freeways.

The Artist

Isabella Piña is studying for her MA in Interior Design at Woodbury University, Burbank. She is also the founder of Eastside Proyecto, a collection of passion projects such as murals, woodworking, and Interior Design based in LA. Born and raised in Boyle Heights she spends her free time painting and making things. Isabella was inspired to do more research about her own community and learn about the history of infrastructure. This collection of maps and imagery is a continuous exploration and one that she hopes will bring a different perspective the next time you're driving down the EAST LA INTERCHANGE (I-5, I-10, US101, 60E)

The Category

The ‘In School’ Category was open to student work. All submissions were designed by students. The concept behind the category came from the museum’s apprection of design in every day life.

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