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Chop House

by Eliot Ball and Emily Dobbs

The Concept

Respirator Maps Panels (plan view) / Photos (elevation view) / Spatial Conditions (section view)

Sectional Sketches

Fourth Scale Section Collages

Sixteenth Scale Sections

One Hundreth Scale Site Plan

Interior and Exterior Renderings

Exterior Photos
Interior Photos

The Artists

Eliot Ball is a Master’s student at the UNC Charlotte School of Architecture striving to deepen my intelectual literacy through study and experimentation. Eliot graduated from UNC Charlotte’s School of Architecture undergraduate program in 2020 with magna cum laude. Eliot is a participant in the iPAL program and works at Perkins Eastman Architects in Charlotte. Eliot was born in Perth, Western Australia and moved to America and to North Carolina at the age of six. His energetic and bold personality leads his art and architecture and weave the intersection of those worlds.

Emily Dobbs graduated from UNC Charlotte School of Architecture in 2020 with summa cum laude. Emily was born and raised in Charlotte with her family of five. Emily is a curious student with a passion for art and architecture and pushing the boundaries for what those can mean. Emily is always looking for a way to challenge the norm and express herself through a wide variety of creative outlets.

The Category

The ‘In School’ Category was open to student work. All submissions were designed by students. The concept behind the category came from the museum’s apprection of design in every day life.

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