Honorable Mention
For Bigger than a Street, Smaller than a City
Presented by Plus Development

Open Grounds

by March Studio

The Concept

The primary feature of Open Grounds in Green River, Utah is a flexible, multi-use space adjacent to Main Street that can host COVID-19 friendly, outdoor events like drive-in movies, pop-up rodeos, concerts, festivals, farmers markets, swap meets, car shows and food truck fairs, as determined by residents and the City.

Home to only 952 people, Green River is a small town located about 182 miles south of Salt Lake City and is central to a vibrant, tight-knit community. 

The Artists

March Studio, a bold and distinctive design firm with 20 years’ experience in high-impact, brand-driven design, collaborates with visionary, mission-focused clients across the country and around the globe. At March Studio, they believe the built environment matters to the quality of people’s lives. Unlike most architects, they start their design process with a thorough understanding of their client’s unique mission and vision, so they can help them tell their stories and achieve their goals through transformative and meaningful architecture.

Todd Erlandson, Principal Architect
Leigh Hoffman, Principal Brand Strategist
Summer Vaughn, Project Architect
Schuyler Walter, Studio Manager & Graphic Designer

Epicenter is a non-profit organization in Green River, UT that combines art, design, and unconventional thinking to increase town vibrancy while preserving its authenticity. Epicenter is a passionate, multidisciplinary team of young professionals who engage, collaborate with, and learn from the community to steward creative initiatives that honor the past, strengthen the present, and build a healthy future for Green River. Epicenter responds to the challenges and needs of Green River as residents and neighbors and integrates the various points of view within the community into their actions and activities. They provide housing, business resources, and promote architecture and design that accentuates Green River’s rural pride and pioneering spirit.

Maria Sykes, Executive Director
Grace Whatley, Specialist
Danny Baxter, Designer & Digital Illustrator
Lisa Ward, Artist

The Category

The ‘Bigger than a Street, Smaller than a City’ Category was open to any type of work ranging from urban design, built architecture, institutional concepts, sensorial projects, etc. The concept behind the category came from the museum’s apprection of design in every day life.

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